Building for the orphans and vulnerable


Building for the orphans and vulnerable

The safety of our children is so important to us, and it is also so important that our children do have houses that are in good condition. And building proper houses for them that are what we have been doing the previous years were we partnered with churches like the Cove church (USA), the Chesterton church (UK), and individuals donators.

On this month we are building a house for one of our Child Headed House Holds Family.

This house is being built by Masoyi Home Based Care in partnership with the Chesterton Church from the United Kingdom.

And we believe that soon enough those children will be able to have a proper house they can sleep on that is without holes on the roof and it’s wall.

Like we always say that; it is by the help of everyone that is giving any kinds of support to Masoyi Home Based Care that it able to look after the OVC’s.


We consider Education as a ladder out of poverty



 We consider Education as a ladder out of poverty

So far we had come across so many challenges on the implementation of our new accredited computer course, but we however able to soldier on and continue to deliver the education that the Masoyi Youth people deserve.

On the middle of April we lost about 8 computers due to theft on our Khayalethu 3 (K3) computer school, but we were so fortunate enough as around the end of May we have visitors from Norway (Europe) who donated 6 laptops to the K3 school so that we can continue deliver the quality education that our Youth people deserves.

And it is our wish to have more computers so that we can have more classes and have more Youth people who will be coming to our center to learn.

Because as Masoyi Home Based Care we understand the importance of education and we believe that education is the one that can reduce the so many issues that we are facing on this community of Masoyi, like the issue of poverty for instance, because if we can give young people such computer skill that we provide to them, they can able to go out there and get jobs that will help them bring something to the table for the families as there is this saying that goes; “ Education is a ladder out of poverty”

As we move on, we want to make sure that we get enough support by making sure that we get people who will sponsor some of our Orphans and Vulnerable Children to also come in their numbers get that computer skill. And we believe that is possible if we can all work together on making sure that such Children do also get such an education. The whole computer course is R3, 500.00


2014 Mandela Day



2014 Mandela Day

Have you thought about what you will be doing next month on the MANDELA DAY?, Well, if you still wondering about what is it that you can do with your 67 minutes that will have a positive impact on someone’s life we have a lot for you to choose from. From doing:

1. Home visit with our Home Based Care and,
2. Orphans and Vulnerable Children volunteers,
3. Helping on Building or painting some of the Houses we have recently built,
4. Spending your time with our Crèche children at Khayalethu 2 and LULA care center,
5. You can even volunteer on one of our wonderful food gardens at Khayalethu 2,
6. Help on our feeding schemes,
7. Or maybe can have a chance to donate whatever you might want to donate to the children or to any of our beneficiaries.

In short; we have a lot that you can do to uplift your community and become and inspiration to so many people. Make this wonderful day of MANDELA DAY this year a day that will forever remembered by you for the good you have done to change someone’s life. For more information, please inbox us or email masoyi.hbc@gmail.com , or you can always visit us weekdays from 08h00am – 16h00pm.

Masoyi Home Based Care is situated at Stand No. 119, Mahushu Trust, Hazyview Rd 1242 (R538) next to Numbi Road. It is known as Mahushu Centre K2.