Food parcels




  1. Break the guilt cycle.
    Too often we hear about the state of poverty in the world and do nothing about it. We see the poor begging in the street, and many of us pretend they’re not there and just keep walking. Accept the fact that you can make a difference and that even a seemingly small selfless act is better than quiet guilt.
  2. Spare some change.
    If every person that was well off gave a buck or two a week, less than most of us find between sofa cushions, it would go a long way in helping feed and clothe the poor and eradicating poverty worldwide. Money donations are always appreciated, and seemingly modest amounts can make big differences.
  3. Sponsor an orphan.
    There are 145 million orphans in the world (UNICEF 2007). These children usually lack sufficient care, shelter, food, clothing, clean water, etc. Often, these needs can be met for $1 from a generous sponsor.
  4. Volunteer.
    Not all of us can afford to donate money (though, remember, every penny helps). If this is the case, then consider donating time. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty; take out an hour or two of your time to volunteer at a homeless shelter, food pantry, or soup kitchen in your town, on this case; you might consider coming to the Masoyi Home Based Care Project.
  5. Clean out your pantry.
    Got canned goods and other non-perishables stacked in your kitchen cupboards? Throw them in a box and donate them. They are practically forgotten in the second shelf of a cupboard or pantry, but if donated to a food bank, they can stop several people from going to bed with achingly empty stomachs tonight.
  6. Clean out your closet.
    We have all got at least a few items of clothes we’re not wearing. If you’ve got too much stuff hidden away in drawers, or are looking for a way to maximize closet space, clear out the excess and donate it for others to enjoy.
  7. Spread the word.
    Any time or funds you sacrifice to help the poor is a generous donation. You have to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same. Mention to them how they, too, can stop poverty. Be an ambassador for good.



Support Group for those living positive (HIV Positive)

Support Group for those living positive (HIV Positive)


We have managed to conduct an adherence support group for the Home Based Care towards the end of last month (October) to 42 clients. The adherence support group was conducted at K2 in Mahushu area. The topic was about HIV and treatment literacy.

This support group was held in order to help encourage the clients to accept themselves and their status, as well as increase their treatment literacy. We worked to decrease the stigma around HIV and increase the knowledge around consistent treatment and prevention of opportunistic infection.

The support group also allowed clients to interact with one another and share their experiences to motivate and support one another. We have found that the clients find encouragement from sharing what they have been through and how they overcome obstacles they face on the life of living positive (HIV Positive).


Support Groups for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Support Groups for Orphans and Vulnerable Children


On October 25, we started an OVC support group program at K2. Children attended the program. Our target group was for children who were recently unable to cope with the loss of their family members and child-headed households. The same group will attend for 3 sessions, meeting once per month. Each session will cover different topics. The topics covered in the first session included; “Who I am”, “My Hero”, and “River of Life”. We worked with the children to help develop their identity, life goals, role model and provide an opportunity for children to share about their life journeys, struggles and ways of coping. The river of life is used as a metaphor for life journey and how life continues even when the river changes, such as when parents pass away. The children were also encouraged to continue to focus on their educations, as we always believe that education is so important and it is the only way they can use to fight against the so many issues they are facing like that of poverty and any others.



Christmas Gifts For Orphans

Christmas Gifts For Orphans 

It’s soon going to be Christmas. Do you want to be among the people who make it possible for Orphans and Vulnerable families to have something to eat and to smile about this coming Christmas?. Here is your chance to uplift your community.

Masoyi Home Based Care is looking after over 1300 Orphans and Vulnerable Children around the Masoyi area. You are welcome to donate with whatever you feel might contribute for the children to have a better Christmas this year. Donations might come in a form of Food, Clothes, or Funds. For more information please contact us on:

Tel: 013 798 3598 / 071 549 6223

Banking details

Name of account: Masoyi Home Based Care Project
Bank: Standard
Branch: White River
Cheque account number: 030373468
Branch code: 053052
Swift code for foreign donations: SBZAZAJJ