K2 Security

The recent burglary at our K2 offices has shown that our current security system is not working properly, and our insurers have requested an upgrade.  What we need to do now is to rewire the whole site and buildings,  including the fence, so that our security system will be up to standard. It will include a radio link to to the security company for an armed response in case of break-ins.  We have had a quote for R6325 ($500/£325) to install the upgrade – excluding ongoing costs.


Good news, bad news

Actually, God can turn our bad news into good news.  Let us pray that He does so.

Three of our care workers have found paid work, and left the Project: good news for them, and an opportunity to recruit new volunteers for us.

A few weeks ago, our main office was broken into and three computers were stolen: it has caused us some difficulty to say the least! but we pray that those who broke in and stole will meet the One who can satisfy their spirits as well as their bodies.

And we have news that an Anglican Church in the UK, St Luke’s in the town of Leek, has decided to become a new supporter of Masoyi HBC!  We give thanks, and welcome you.