Good News For The Sibiya Family

Today I had a chance to go and have a look on the house that is being built for the Sibiya family at Mphatseni, on the Mahushu trust. It is almost complete, just need some painting and some work on the floor. It is a 3 room house.

On this family, there is a single Mother staying with her children and grandchildren. They have no source of income, whatsoever. Even worse, they all do not have identity documents.

The family is currently sleeping on a ‘shack house’, which is not in a good condition, and they are struggling during rainy days.

Masoyi Home Based Care Project, with the help of The Cove church, from the USA; is building this house for them, as well as a toilet, since they do not have a toilet (See pictures).

And as I have mentioned above that they have no source of income, that means it is not easy for them to have food, hence they often rely on neighbours for such. We then, from last year December started providing them with a food parcel, from St Luke’s and St Paul’s church, from UK (England).