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A New Venture

This week, Ma Flo (CEO), Pat (Marketing) and Yvonne (Finance) are at a training conference in Durban.  The Government have launched a social cohesion initiative –

Ma Flo, CEO
Ma Flo

more details will follow in due course – and Masoyi Home Based Care Project have been chosen to deliver the programme in the Masoyi community.



Volunteers in the Project already fulfil some of the programme requirements, but there is bound to be more work to take on.

Yvonne (finance)


Community System Strengthening

Masoyi Home Based care has been selected to serve as a Sub-Recipient to implement the CSS (Community Systems Strengthening) interventions with religious leadership structures/platforms (i.e. Christians, Muslims, Rastafarian, etc.), as well as Traditional Leaders, to conduct community outreach work with vulnerable populations, in the Ehlanzeni and Nkangala District within the Mpumalanga Province, for the next three years, starting from July 2016 to March 2019.
Masoyi Home Based Care will be responsible for conducting dialogues with religious & traditional leadership structures/platforms, to discuss/address the drivers that influence the patriarchal underpinning of discrimination & GBV , and Conduct community outreach work with vulnerable populations (residents of informal settlements, the unemployed, refugees) – to provide a HIV, TB prevention education.
Community workers under Masoyi Home Based Care will conduct awareness campaigns and door to door visits with residents of informal settlements, the unemployed and refugees. The Community workers will be working in two districts and chooses municipalities with high prevalence and also saturate wards.




Peer Education

Following a Previous post, here is more of what the young people do:

Another session conducted is Center stage; where participant do different categories like drama “theatre”, music, poetry, and dance. The aim of this session is to do team building, encourage them to work together as a team. The participants need to group themselves into four or five groups and choose any categories that will perform on stage.

The center stage it’s an entertainment show where most of the teenagers enjoy watching other participants doing something interesting and encouraging either at assembly or community hall. The importance of conducting this session it helps them to be punctuality, stay positive, know how to socialize and have confidence.

Some group presented a drama that was titled “conflict at school” they were presenting to their peers show casing their talents on acting “theatre” and they were impressed.

We also did out door games at the sports ground. There were games that they were participating to; they were playing games where they compete to each other until one team wins. The Importance of this game was helping the peers to understand what it means to work as a team? What does it mean to do team building; And supporting each other and never give up.


Peer Education

We are funding a peer education programme in four of the secondary schools in Masoyi, and have had a report on some of the May activities.  This is part of that report:

One of the sessions conducted this month, we have conducted self-development big YES and big NO where our peer educators develop their self -confidence, dreams, values, mission and their strength.

YES and NO helps you to decide good choices and develop self-development in your life. We use big YES whenever we making positive choices about life like attitudes, dreams, values, morals and passions. Basically, what makes you come alive? We use big NO whenever we making negative choices in life like obstacles, pressure, stress, bad attitude and low self- esteem. Anything that takes you away from the things that you enjoy or the person you want to be.

Saying NO doesn’t mean you are weak but it shows that you have the strength and ability of knowing what you want in life. Also improve your self-esteem, shows that you cannot be pressurized by your friend in taking bad decisions, show that you are independent.