Children, Housing

Supporting vulnerable children

G., the eldest, is 23, and is in ABET(Adult Basic Education And Training) school.  She has a daughter.  Her brother B. is 21, and is in Grade 11. N., the next sister, is 17, and is Grade 10; and the youngest girl is L., who is 9, and is currently in Grade 3.

G's house2

They live off the two younger girls’ child support grants, and as G.’s daughter’s child support grant.

Their uncle is trying to evict the children from their home, claiming that his parents left it to their mother, and so it rightfully belongs to

him.  As you can see, it is not exactly a palace!

We pray that the Project will be able to supportG's house4 this family.





Reaching further

Masoyi Home Based Care Project has been chosen to run and monitor a new AIDS awareness programme across much of the Province of Mpumalanga.  The object is to reach traditional and religious leaders in each community, to bring about cultural change towards HIV/Aids; ‘safe’ sex; rape; and the role and status of women and girls.  People currently working in home-based care in their local communities (eleven municipalities) have already been selected and given basic training.  The Project’s main role will be to ensure the programme is being delivered in each community; to coordinate record-keeping and reporting; and to handle associated finance.

Although the programme should become less demanding of time once it is fully operational, Ma Flo, Pat and Yvonne are being kept very busy at the moment.