…trying to kill himself…

In the picture is our 37-year male client at Swalala with a HBC nurse checking treatment. he’s not drinking well his treatment because he doesn’t have food to eat. He was trying to kill himself because he believed that his wife was the one that gave him the disease of HIV-positive. He was not adheringContinue reading “…trying to kill himself…”

September Home Based Care – A Snapshot

ACTIVITIES We do home visits to seven areas: Cleaning and bathing if necessary; Feeding the helpless patients; Monitoring patient’s medication; DOT [Directly Observable Treatment] support to patient’s on TB treatment; Door to Door campaigns; TB screening and follow-up; HCT [HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing] during home visits and at Masoyi Home Based Care. HOME BASED CAREContinue reading “September Home Based Care – A Snapshot”