September Home Based Care – A Snapshot


We do home visits to seven areas: Cleaning and bathing if necessary; Feeding the helpless patients; Monitoring patient’s medication; DOT [Directly Observable Treatment] support to patient’s on TB treatment; Door to Door campaigns; TB screening and follow-up; HCT [HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing] during home visits and at Masoyi Home Based Care.


We did 449 home visits to all the seven Areas of Masoyi community, giving DOT support to those on TB treatment; and TB screening to family members: 40 new TB and HIV clients registered in the program, 5 counselled ,screened and tested for HIV, with only one tested positive and also referred to the clinic for CD4 count test [white blood cells].  192 family members screened for signs and symptoms of TB, with 13 referred to the clinic for clinical assessment.  Three deceased clients, and 8 recovered.