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A Happy Meeting

Sorry to hide her smiling face

Lorencia, one of the Patient Care team members, happened to see Q. emerging from a pile of corrigated iron after visiting a patient at Jerusalem.  She asked the driver to stop so that they could inquire more about the lady.

They found out that Q. seemed to suffering from depression, because of the things she was telling them:  quite a lot of things, including that her husband had left her for another woman. She believed that her husband was still coming back to live with her.  They had had a lot of children together.

Q. said that the shack she lived in was her home, and she did not want to be moved, but asked them for food.  Luckily the team had a few food parcels in their car, so they offered her one, which she was very happy to receive.  She was going to start preparing a meal right away.

Children, Food parcels, Housing

Rain is good – leaking house is bad!

mnyambo-familyoctWe have been providing food parcels to the M. family for a while  now: P., 19, and her baby, C.; S., 10; and P., 9  – all girls.

Sellinah, their care worker writes: “Upon the food delivery, I found P. at the house.  S. and P. were still at school.  I found that the water come in the rooms , the rooms were fully of water everywhere.  They had run to their neighbours to sleep – their blankets were wet.  Inside, the house was clean, and outside things were packed well according to their size . The girls try very hard to keep the house clean.”

What more can we do?

Children, Youth

Let’s make music!

Merimbas and Djemba

You may remember that last year a local music charity supplied the Youth Skills Centre, K3, with instruments and a teacher.  They supplied another centre in Hazyview, north of Masoyi, in a similar way but it was not successful; so they have now re-located to K2, the Project’s main base.  Here, literally hundreds of children are enjoying the benefit – and Cloudia, a childcare worker, has started to help out!


How do you take this medicine?


We visited a male patient aged 45, taking ARV and TB treatment but not recovering. We thought that he is mixing tradition treatment with ARV’s; he was living in a dirty environment. He also told us that he was not drinking other tablets cause the nurses from the clinic never taught him how to.   We took that medication back to the clinic and they told us how to drink it.  We returned to the patient to teach him how to drink it, and prayed with him.

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An Act of Kindness

Constance is a house-building assistant at the Project.  She herself had been a destitute child who had been rescued by the Project.

S. and her children were waiting for a new house to be built for them, when her youngest son had pneumonia and died after a short illness.  “S. is currently safe and she is living with our young and brave care worker and my team building team member Constance, who was once a child of Masoyi HBC herself, but has now grown stronger and wiser. She took it upon herself to take in S. and live with her at her house after S. lost her son.  They are living in a house which Constance and her children also benefited from the organisation some years ago after they lost their mother.”

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Another destitute family can now benefit from the new house when it is completed.


Painful joins and swelling feet


We visited a female patient aged 59, and taking ARVs treatment. We asked her for how long was she taking treatment and told us that it is 4 years. She complained of painful joins and swelling feet and told us that she is not working and depending on neighbours.

We advised her to elevate her feet on a pillow to reduce the swelling of feet, and gave her painkillers and to practise passive exercise. We promised her a food parcel the following week, and we encouraged her to continue with treatment, and prayed for her.


Aged 90!


We visited a female patient aged 90 years old. She is HIV-positive and she was taking care of her child that was HIV positive and she was not using gloves while she was bathing her. Now she hired a lady who is taking care of her, because she is living alone. On our arrival she was in bad condition and she was complaining about body pains, loss of appetite and swollen feet. She can’t walk.

As care workers, we advised her to visit to the nearest clinic, but she refused. She told us that they would kill her.


In denial


This is a 55-year old male client in Mahushu. He is TB and HIV-positive, and not drinking his treatment because he believes that his been witched, so he uses traditional herbs. He has been bedridden from July until now, but he is still in denial stage. He don’t want to drink his treatment. We visited them to show the sisters-in-laws how to bathe him, and turn him every two hours, and how to empty the catheter. We gave them pampers, gloves, mask, savlon, linen saver and we bathed him.