Prayer, Staff

A Prayer

Ma Flo and Jabu
Ma Flo & Jabu

“Thank you for Ma Flo [Chief Executive Officer] and Jabu [Child Care Coordinator], who have given such selfless service to the most needy in the Masoyi community over so many years.  May you be their comfort when their hearts are breaking; may you be their guide when the way ahead seems confused and unclear; and may they trust your purposes for good, and so find inner peace.”


Patient Care Challenges:

  • Some of our clients are still mixing traditional medicine with their treatment.
  • Some of our clients are defaulting  their treatments because of not having food, but
  • others are ignorant.
  • Some of the clients are still in denial stage.
  • Some of our clients are defaulting because they don’t have money to go to the clinic.
  • Some of our clients are smoking and drinking alcohol while they are in treatment.

During support groups and home visits we try to educate and encourage our clients about the importance of not mixing their treatment and traditional medicine. We provide emergency food parcels where we can.  We refer clients to the nearest clinic when they can walk to the clinic.  Sadly, we rarely have funds to provide transport for those unable to walk.

Food parcels, Patients

Accidental overdose

We visited a family at Phola area.  The father and son were HIV positive, and the clinic had given them 3 months treatment.  They didn’t tell them how to take the treatment and they were overdosing on it.



We explained the treatment to them and gave a food parcel, but they both ended up with liver failure, so we referred them to the clinic where they were taken to hospital.  On our next visit, we found that the mother was mourning for her husband and her son.


Peer Educators’ Graduation

“On 26th November, we hosted a graduation ceremony at K2 center for all our Peer educators from the four different high schools.  We invited lot of motivational speakers and they all came; and we invited some of our stakeholders and they showed up too. In the morning, I thought it would be just a fiasco event [because of the weather], but clearly God was on our side: everything went according to plan, and it was an exciting and funny graduation.  The Peer educators were all happy.”

Ma Flo addressing the graduates





Of the 128 graduates, three had completed the full 3-year programme, 21 had completed two years, and 104 just the first year.



We visited a 49 years old male client at Mthimba who is HIV and TB positive.  He was bedridden, not drinking his treatment because he was using traditional herbs and he was not recovering. We called an ambulance because he was weak at the time we arrived, and he went to the hospital.  They took a lumber puncture on his spinal cord, and after that he was unable to walk as he was paralyzed.  He had a wound developing on his spinal cord.


On our second visit, we found that he was lying outside for fresh air.  We observed the wound again and found that it was healing.  He was happy for our advice.

We advised his mother to clean the wound with warm, clean water and salt, to reduce infection, and to visit the nearest clinic.  We also gave nappies and linen savers.  We advised his family to help him to practice passive exercises, teaching them how to change his position.  We prayed for our patient.

Food parcels, Patients

Medication, medication, medication!

1We visited a 35 years old female at Mthimba area; she is HIV positive and she was not drinking her treatment well. She went to the clinic, do HIV testing, and they didn’t counsel her. They just gave her HIV medication, and she was drinking it any time of the day.

We have now counselled her, and she understood everything and she was happy.  We told her that she must join the support groups that we have.  We gave her a food parcel, and also prayed with her and encouraged her to study the word of God.

She is living in a one-room shack with her two children.She is not working, so they survive with the child support grant.

[Enabling patients to take the correct HIV medication regularly,at the right time of day, and with food, is a constant challenge  – and vital to staying healthy.]