A Prayer

“Thank you for Ma Flo [Chief Executive Officer] and Jabu [Child Care Coordinator], who have given such selfless service to the most needy in the Masoyi community over so many years.  May you be their comfort when their hearts are breaking; may you be their guide when the way ahead seems confused and unclear; andContinue reading “A Prayer”

Patient Care Challenges:

Some of our clients are still mixing traditional medicine with their treatment. Some of our clients are defaulting  their treatments because of not having food, but others are ignorant. Some of the clients are still in denial stage. Some of our clients are defaulting because they don’t have money to go to the clinic. Some ofContinue reading “Patient Care Challenges:”

Peer Educators’ Graduation

“On 26th November, we hosted a graduation ceremony at K2 center for all our Peer educators from the four different high schools.  We invited lot of motivational speakers and they all came; and we invited some of our stakeholders and they showed up too. In the morning, I thought it would be just a fiascoContinue reading “Peer Educators’ Graduation”

Medication, medication, medication!

We visited a 35 years old female at Mthimba area; she is HIV positive and she was not drinking her treatment well. She went to the clinic, do HIV testing, and they didn’t counsel her. They just gave her HIV medication, and she was drinking it any time of the day. We have now counselledContinue reading “Medication, medication, medication!”