Parcels: Another Family Benefits

“The Ng. family is doing well, but didn’t receive any food parcel from us this time because they were fortunate to receive one from our friends from America, Cindi and Chris, who came early December to distribute food parcels to some of our child-headed families. Instead, it was received by a young orphaned Th. Ma.,Continue reading “Parcels: Another Family Benefits”

A Prayer House-building Team

Thank you, Lord, for those who are responsible for building new houses for destitute families:  for Constance, the coordinator; for Mike, assistant and administrator; for Ena and Tony from Pretoria; for the hired builders.  May you bless them as they are faithful to you.  Please provide for Tony and Ena, as they wrestle with Tony’sContinue reading “A Prayer House-building Team”

Food Parcels: Using Facebook

The Ma. family: Gi. (24) and one-year old son, brother, Bo. (17), and twin sisters, No. and Le. (16).  They had a wonderful last 6 months of the year after the intervention of the organization. This family was identified by our Marketing manager on our local community Facebook page, where he saw the picture ofContinue reading “Food Parcels: Using Facebook”

A P: LIfestyle Changes

“We ask you to bring lifestyle changes for good in the Masoyi community, particularly among the young.  There are those who have had little or no adult input at home.  May You bring blessing through the workers who visit orphaned and vulnerable children and young people in their homes; through workshops; through the peer educationContinue reading “A P: LIfestyle Changes”

A Prayer: Frank & Ruthie Wey’s Visit

As Frank and Ruthie prepare to visit Masoyi for three months in February, will you please prepare them; provide the resources they will need; and prepare the hearts of all the people You will bring them to, so that they will be open to hearing the gospel and being saved, healed and delivered from theContinue reading “A Prayer: Frank & Ruthie Wey’s Visit”

No Parents to Guide

“This 22-year old female client at Mahushu area is an orphan; she lives with her 19-year old brother and her own child. They both didn’t finish school and she is HIV-positive.  She is not taking well her treatment because she is not stable at home – she sleeps around and can stay almost anywhere. TheyContinue reading “No Parents to Guide”