Children, Food parcels, Young Moms

TB, Rape, Legal Documents

“The Ng. family, Si. (24) and 10-year old daughter, Kh. (21) and sons aged 7 and 10, and Th., are doing very well after a year full of ups and downs. The family has been through quite a lot this past year, facing challenges such as the raping Si’s daughter and the hospitalization of Kh. after defaulting on her TB medication. But through the support from their care workers and Masoyi HBC as a whole, the family managed to pull through.

ngwenya-familydec The Ng.’s have been beneficiaries of the trust for the past two years because they cannot obtain identity documents since the passing of their parents: their uncle confiscated all the family documents, including the children’s birth certificates and  parents’ death certificates. This led to the family suffering and finding themselves in poverty due to the fact that the eldest ones could not apply for employment due to the lack of identity documents.

Kh. is recovering very well, and our care worker, Mr. Hovy, has vowed to keep a constant eye on her. The young brother, Th., recently finished writing his final grade 11 exams and I received a call from him telling me that he had passed.”