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Funeral Update

We have heard that relatives have shown up to help organize the funeral.  Frank and Ruthie Wey, visiting from the U.S.A., have been able to visit and meet the basic funeral costs; and Masoyi Trust (UK) are sending a donation, which will help cover the cost of food.  The funeral took place yesterday, in very wet conditions.  Ma Flo and Hovy, her health care worker, were able to be there.

We have also heard that a new-ish child care worker thinks he can help obtain identity documents for the remaining family.  Watch this space!  And please keep praying for this family.

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A Prayer: Child Care Workers

“Thank you for the child care workers in the Swalala and Jerusalem areas of Masoyi: Jane, Charlotte, Lerato, Grace, Lucy, Mokholwa, Prudence, Dolca and Nonhlanhla.  May you provide the resources they need as they trust in you; and may the children and young people they support know they are loved and valued by their care worker and by you.”


Staff Changes

Brian, the peer education administrator, has left to join the police force – we wish him well in his new role.


Modise, one of the peere education facilitators, has taken over Brian’s role whilst continuing to work as a facilitator.

Fanie, who has been the main driver at the Project, has also left for paid work.  He has been replaced (no details yet).


A Death to Report

We have been supporting a family since the Trust was set up, comprising two sisters and a younger brother, with the sisters having three children between them.  You can read about them following the links below:

Food Parcels Stories (3)

Food Parcels: TB, rape,legal documents

Sadly, we have just heard that Kh. died yesterday from multiple drug-resistant TB.  She leaves two young children.  Funerals in South Africa are usually big and expensive, but this family have no savings, no resources.  We await further news.

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A Prayer: Rain and Flooding

“There will be hundreds of homes across the community with water pouring in from the torrential rain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with most of those affected already being poor and vulnerable.  Our hearts go out to them.  May neighbours respond with kindness and generosity, and may You give the Project resources to help those most affected.”

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2017 Peer Education

Last November, fully trained Track 3 Peer Educators matriculated and left school.  Over the last few weeks, our Peer Facilitators have been busy selecting and recruiting new students to join the programme on Track 1, so there are Educators covering all ages in high school.

The two sessions conducted in January covered “My Values”, and


  • role modeling
  • educating
  • recognizing, and
  • advocating

Attendance has been good!

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A Prayer: Legal Documents

“Some orphaned and vulnerable children cannot access Government grants or schooling for lack of identity documents – because of missing birth and marriage certificates, because a parent was an undocumented immigrant.  Please give guidance to workers who advocate on behalf of these children, and give them success in their endeavours.”


Three Months Without Pay

From February to April… or May… or June.

The Project administers a Government Expanded Public Works Programme in the local area, covering their own workers and about 100 other unemployed people, all working for the benefit of the community – and in theory leading to fulltime jobs.  They are paid about £60-65pm, typically half the household’s total income, but for some their only income.  The programme runs for nine months, so there is no pay for February, March and April – and no guarantee either of re-employment in May or that the scheme will be operational again by May.