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Building a Future

Recently, we told you about two orphan families that were in desperate need of somewhere secure to live.  You can read more here.

Old house, Dan, Donovan, Mike, Jo
Dan, Do., Mike, Jo

The UK Masoyi Trust has now sent money to the Project in Masoyi to enable work to start on Do.’s house.  Thank you to those who have prayed, and those who have donated.

Please join us in asking God to make provision for the second family.  Pr., a 15-year old girl, is particularly vulnerable.

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Substance Abuse Workshop

“On 13 July, the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC)  team, headed by Claudia and Sellinah, organized and hosted a workshop at K2 centre.  This event was aimed at teaching our OVC children about the dangers of substance abuse and various other empowering and uplifting topics.


“We had guest speakers from the Department of Social Development and GRIP (Greater Rape Intervention Project).  The workshop was over three hours, with ice breakers and short breaks. A  hot meal was prepared and served to about 80 children who managed to attend the workshop, even though it was during the June school holidays.

“Substance Abuse topics that were covered included:

  • 21. OVC WORKSHOPThe dangers and consequences of abusing alcohol.
  • The dangers and consequences of using dagga or marijuana.
  • The dangers and consequences of using tobacco.
  • The dangers and consequences of using inhalants.”