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A Prayer: Health Screening

“Thank you that there are health resources for testing for HIV, and TB screening; and thank you for the work volunteers do in encouraging patients to attend clinics for testing.”


House Repairing

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A Prayer: Support Groups

“I pray that open and closed support groups can be maintained or re-started, and be effective, for patients, for children and young people, and for caregivers.”

House No.4

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A Prayer: Medical Help

” Thank you that a trained nurse is usually available for volunteers to consult.  May they have the resources to give help with access to clinic and hospital appointments where it is needed.”

A Prayer: Road Safety

“Please maintain safe travel on the roads for local workers in Masoyi; and comfort for people involved in accidents and deaths in the area recently.”

Trauma on Trauma

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A Prayer: Medication

“Please bless with wisdom and love the volunteers delivering personal care to patients, as they monitor prescribed medication, and supply of non-prescription medication and food supplements.”

A New Arrival

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Mam. Family Food Parcel

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