Feeding programme

Three Feeding Centres (2)

“We have children from the ages of five to eighteen.  We have care workers who are responsible for the afternoon care programme, and who mark the children on attendance registers, which helps to know if a child is there or not.  When they find that a child is not attending ,they visit them at school, but if they don’t find the child at school they continue visiting the child at home to check why the child is not attending.

8.Phola lunchtime feeding
Lunchtime at Phola (Madalene’s house)

Those who need assistance with their school work are helped, and we support their spiritual, psychological, physical and cognitive wellbeing.  We teach them how to do things by themselves, like gardening at their homes, and how to save money.

“During the afternoon we teach them about health. The adolescents are taught appropriate behaviour and also about hygiene, chores and the importance of education.”