Feeding programme

Lunchtime feeding Program

From November’s Report”

“There are three lunchtime feeding centres,  Khayalethu 2 (K2, main offices, and pre-school) in 116.K2 lunchtime feeding copyMahushu, Khayalethu 3 (K3, skills training) in Swalala, and at Magdalene’s home in Phola. In all the three centres we had a total combine number of 134 beneficiaries who benefited on the lunch time feeding programme during the month of October.

“At K2 where we are having many of our beneficiaries, we are dishing beneficiaries on the their school lunch containers, which they take the food to eat at home to reduce the number of children at the centre and we dish at the centre for the few to eat that do not have containers.”118.K3 lunchtime feeding

117.K2 lunchtime feeding