Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I be doing?

Volunteers must simply come with a heart to serve.  This is because your activity here really could be anything.  It is important to be open and understand that volunteers are here to support and encourage the local community.  Your very presence can have an impact on people’s lives in Masoyi.   The skills and abilities that you bring will complement the workers here and the work that is being done.  There are various areas to assist such as building, finance, administration, project management, garden work and many others.

How Does the Duration of My Stay Affect What I Will be doing?

Some people come for a day up to one week.  These people will just come to briefly see and experience what we do at eMasoyi.  We do not require a full Visitor Application Form, but only the Brief Visitation Form.  This Brief Visitation Form can be filled out when you arrive and it is just to help us understand how you came to know about eMasoyi.

All other volunteers fall into 2 categories, short term or long term.  Short term volunteers are 3 months or less.  These volunteers will have different application requirements.  Their visit will be learning about eMasoyi and what we do.  They will go through orientation and then work in some capacity to support the workers here.

Long Term volunteers (More than 3 months) will have more application requirements before they visit.  These volunteers will also go through the orientation process and then will begin to find a place where they can really be of support to the organization and its programs.

Where is eMasoyi?

We are located in the Masoyi Community, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.  Masoyi is between White River and Hazyview.  Our main office is at our K2 Care Center which is about 20 minutes outside of White River.  The nearest big city is Nelspruit which is roughly an hour away from K2.

Where Will I Stay?

There are several options for accommodation.  eMasoyi does not have housing for people to stay.  We have had volunteers stay within the Masoyi community, in private housing in White River or private housing in Nelspruit.  Some volunteers have stayed with an organization called Hands at Work or the African School of Missions (ASM) when rooms are available.  Along the same road as Hands at Work and ASM there are private farms that have accommodation.  If you need further information then you can phone or email us and we can help you.

What if Things Don’t Work Out?

At any time, eMasoyi reserves the right to recommend that a participant return to their home country, if this person is perceived as being a risk to themselves or others.  Also if it is felt that a person does not reflect eMasoyi values they can be asked to leave.

What is the Orientation Program?

This is our chance to introduce you to what we do and why we do it.  Through this period you will begin to be incorporated into the family of eMasoyi.  We will get a chance to know each other and see where you might fit.  You will get a chance to visit the different programs and really see what is happening.  During this time it is possible for us to organize a community stay with a child-headed household if appropriate.

What Immunizations are required or recommended?

We encourage volunteers visit a travel clinic.  They can tell you which immunizations they recommend for our area.  Basic childhood immunizations should be up to date.  Immunizations for Typhoid and Hepatitis A and B are recommended.   You can research TB immunizations and decide for yourself if it is necessary.

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