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December Food Parcels (1)

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A Prayer: HIV/AIDS (1)

Adult HIV/Aids infection rates are 28% in Mpumalanga Province.  Masoyi Home Based Care Project (MHBCP) started in 1998 as a response by local Christians.  Many MHBCP workers struggle with poverty themselves.

“Thank you that today HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment are widely available in South Africa, if in limited ways.  Please bless and uphold the Project workers as they deliver these services to the most vulnerable in the community, often carrying major life challenges themselves.”

House No.4 (3)

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A Prayer: The Community

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House No.4 (2)

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A Prayer: 2019

“As a new year begins, may I bring my fears to you and swap them for trust: that you, Jesus, hold me and my future in your hands with love; and that you hold the world’s future in your hands, with love.  With that trust, I acknowledge that the needs of individuals in the Masoyi community are close to your heart, and that I can trust you as I do my part.”

January Prayer Bulletin

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A Prayer: Office Work (3)

“Please prosper the various office activities over the coming year: Recording and monitoring all activities; reports and data to Government Departments and donors; allocation of limited funds; website, newsletters; recruitment; oversight; planning.”

The Mas. Family

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