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A Prayer: After School Feeding

“Thank you for Magdalene Mathebela and the after-school feeding at her house.  Thank you for her compassion and hard work.  May you care for both her and the children she feeds each day.”

18. Magdalene Mathebela_s feeding programme


Basden/Black Visit (1)

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A Prayer: K2 Pre-School (1)

“Thank you that there are about 45 pre-school children at the K2 centre who benefit from love, practical care and food each day.  Thank you for the relief that this gives to older siblings and gogos [grannies].”

November Prayer Bulletin

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Another New House Begins

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The Mas. Family

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A Prayer: UK Visitors

“Thank you that the extended family of Martin and Elaine, Fiona and Logan, and 2-year old Elsie, have the opportunity to visit the Project at Masoyi between 27 October and 10 November.  May it bring rich blessings to them, to those they meet, and to supporters back in the UK.”

Daily Meal Care Programme (1)

A Prayer: Feeding Programme

“Please continue to bless and care for the 45 children and young people who come to the Lula Centre  for lunch before collecting pre-school siblings or joining the homework club.”

The Mok. Family

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