Masoyi Home Based Care Project



A Prayer: Workers in Phola

“May you bless and protect the home-based care workers in the Phola area: Sarah, the coordinator; Vinoliah, Magdalene, Olga, Lorraine and Again.  May they see their patients and children the way that you do, and so shine your love into their homes and bring hope.”


March Food Parcels

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A Prayer: Feeding Programmes

“Thank you for providing enough funding for the lunchtime feeding programmes to be maintained for the next few months at least.”

A Prayer: Support Groups

“I pray for those involved in social and spiritual counselling, group therapy, and support groups.  May the leaders have wisdom, compassion and sensitivity; and may those involved find healing and wholeness in your presence.”

A Prayer: Warmth and Clothing

“May the Project be able to provide warm blankets for the most needy, patients and children, as winter approaches.  And also school uniforms for those children coming under the care of the Project after the start of the school year [February].”


The Mas. Children

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A Prayer: House No.4

“Thank you that the house for Pr. and Si. is almost complete and equipped – despite delays caused by bad weather and power blackouts – and that they will be able to move in before winter sets in.  May the children recognize your love and provision, demonstrated by those who have been serving them, and acknowledge you.”

March Patients Visits (1)

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A Prayer: Food Parcels

“Thank you for providing enough money so that the 20 child-headed families can continue receiving food parcels for the next few months.”


The Mny. House: March Update

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