Youth Peer Education

GOLD Peer Education Development Agency (GOLD) supports community organisations in South Africa and other countries with a high-quality youth peer education model, designed to enable selected youth peer leaders to become positive role models, and agents for community change.

GOLD aims to reduce the number of new HIV infections among youths and children; to lessen the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis on orphans and vulnerable children, young people, families and communities; and to support education in difficult circumstances.

Currently, GOLD operates in three of the seven schools in the Masoyi area. We have trained facilitators for the remaining four, in line with GOLD’s practice, and we are trying to deliver a full programme.

Facilitators and peer educators have been able to train many of our young people to role model healthy and enhancing behavior, with consequent benefits to the community.

Through this program, we have been able to address issues affecting the Masoyi tribal area, such as crime, poverty, education, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, physical and sexual abuse, and HIV/Aids. We have seen a decrease in young people who are using drugs, involved in crime, and dropping out of school.

Young people are equipped to make sure their voices are being heard, and that they able to influence decisions taken by the authorities – particularly those relating to them – so our community can be youth friendly, with young people getting the services they need, be it through Clinics, Police Stations, Churches or other resources that are available.

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