Who We Serve

eMasoyi Community Development Foundation (Previously known as Masoyi Home Based Care Project) came into being in 1997 when it began providing home based care to the sick in the Masoyi area. It began as an initiative under the Africa School of Mission, a Bible college based in Masoyi. It was soon registered as an independent NPO and expanded rapidly into a multi layered and holistic project providing multiple services and activities.

This has since led to the birth of the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme. Both programmes were manned by local volunteers, initially with minimum training, who worked tirelessly for their patients and children. Part of the OVC programme, we have established two Early Childhood Development Centres.

We have over the years started implementing other programs, amongst them being one that is targeting out of school youth by giving vocational skills and trainings on Computer, Carpentry, and Sewing. Due to the many issues affecting young people, we have then established a Youth Peer Education program, targeting young people who are at a High School level and their peers who might otherwise be not be at school.

We have been implementing programs that are focusing on Faith Based and Traditional leadership; on addressing the issue of HIV, TB, GBV and other related issues and root causes for those main issues. Like the other programs above, the implementation of this programs have been very successful, as they assisted a lot on addressing many challenges related to the mentioned issues on the various communities of the Nkangala and Ehlanzeni District municipalities, especially on equipping those leaders and addressing some of the misconceptions on those issues amongst some of those leaders.

Since our establishment to date, we have managed to work with various relevant key stakeholders, including government stakeholders on fighting and addressing the many issues affecting our communities in the province of Mpumalanga. Amongst those issues being the issue of HIV, TB, Gender based violence, Youth and women unemployment. And many other issues concerning young people on the Peer Education program, like; Teenage pregnancy, Substance Abuse, School drop-out, and others by providing life skills sessions at High Schools and community level.

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