Building for the orphans and vulnerable


Building for the orphans and vulnerable

The safety of our children is so important to us, and it is also so important that our children do have houses that are in good condition. And building proper houses for them that are what we have been doing the previous years were we partnered with churches like the Cove church (USA), the Chesterton church (UK), and individuals donators.

On this month we are building a house for one of our Child Headed House Holds Family.

This house is being built by Masoyi Home Based Care in partnership with the Chesterton Church from the United Kingdom.

And we believe that soon enough those children will be able to have a proper house they can sleep on that is without holes on the roof and it’s wall.

Like we always say that; it is by the help of everyone that is giving any kinds of support to Masoyi Home Based Care that it able to look after the OVC’s.

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