Making an Impact


Sometimes we wonder what will happen if we are to all come together with one common goal to make sure that we take care of the needs of all those who are orphans and vulnerable out there. That is actually a good question that one has to ask him or herself, and must be often followed by the question of; what is it that I do or can do to create a change and make better the lives of those who are destitute.

Often we see people who are in desperate need of our help and some of us we do help, but many of us we just ignore such people with this mentality that someone else will help them. Ever wondered that it is not actually MORE that you can give or do to make a change, but the little you have that you give is that little that goes a long way on making a different and turn someone’s life to better. After all; we all know that help doesn’t always comes in MONEY, but in various ways, you just have to know what is it that you have that you can give to someone to change and touch someone’s life. But what I know is that all of us have a potential to do well and touch so many people’s lives.

So many people, children in particular on the Masoyi community go to bed without any food or anything at all that they can eat. Some of them go to school without shoes, proper school uniforms and any other life necessities. However, Masoyi Home Based Care with the support of other stakeholders are doing their level best on making sure that they plays their part on helping to uplift the Masoyi community.

And you can also play your part on making sure that you help uplift the community of Masoyi, and particularly help on making sure that you make a positive change to someone’s life. For more information, please contact us on: +27 (0)13 798 3596 or email us at:

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