Empowering the leaders of tomorrow

The Masoyi Home Based Care Peer Education Programme aims to reduce the number of new HIV infections among youth people; to lessen the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis on orphans and vulnerable children, young people, families and communities and to support education in difficult circumstances.

On its years of implementing the MHBC peer education programme, Masoyi home based care facilitators and peer educators has able to influenced so many of our youth to role model a healthy and enhancing behavior around our Masoyi Community and it has help most of our youth in terms of assisting on uplifting their communities.

Through this  programme we had able to address so many issues that are affecting our communities of the Masoyi tribal area, like the issue of domestic violence, crime, poverty, education, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, Abuse, HIV&AIDS, just to name a few of those issues. We have also seen a decrease of young people who are using drugs, involved in crimes and the issue of school dropout, and we have also seen a decrease on the issue of teenage pregnancy on the Masoyi area.

However we currently facing a challenge in terms of implementing this programme due to some of the challenges like having stipends for our facilitators, and also lack of administration (Stationary, Communication, etc. ) costs. Many of the schools we are working with are far apart from our main offices and each other and that makes it necessary for the facilitators to use transport going to those schools to facilitate those life skills of which a week it cost one facilitator around US$10.00 to travel to one school.

In case you would like to know much about this project and further on the challenges or might want to assist on any way, please contact us on: +27 (0)13 798 3596 or email us at: masoyi.hbc@gmail.com


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