Please help Senzo

Senzo Sibiya is a 24 years old young man.  Who was one of Masoyi Home Based Care clients; Senzo was one of the children who stayed at the Khayalethu 3 center when it was still an orphanage, after his mother passed away back in 2002. He spent his childhood days and nearly most of his teenage years at the center, until the day the center was closed.

Since the closing of the center, he has been switching locations, but God have seen him through, even though he has been through hard times in his life. He has however managed to pass his grade 12. After completing his grade 12, there was nothing much he can do than to just stay at home and roam around the streets, since he had no one to help him further his studies, and there is nothing much he can do.

By the grace of God, his life just turned around when someone offered to help him further his studies. On one Sunday, he received a call from one of his late Mother’s friends to come to her house. She asked him what is it that he wants to study for, and told her he wanted to study Media. After a long conversation with her; fortunate enough, she offered to help him with his studies. To which; he went and enrolled on a college (Boston City Campus, Arcadia campus in Pretoria). The course was supposed to be for three years.

He did his first and second year. However, on his third and last year of studying, he was not able to continue, due to financial problems. The reason of the problem be, that the woman who was helping him, was now no longer affording to pay for his tuition fees, since she had recently retired (She was working as a school teacher). So it was now quite expensive for her, since she also has her own child who is still at school.

Since Senzo was already staying at Pretoria, now has to come back home, since he had no one to help on his studies and pay the rent where he was staying.

Since January 2016, he has been home, “jobless and hopeless about his future” he said.  He added “It’s a terrifying feeling for me because it seems as if my past life is coming back to haunt me. I only pray to God that he hears my prayers and touch someone to help me complete my studies, so I can able get a job and assist at home.”

His tuition fee is estimated to US$3,000; and his rent is estimated to US$1,000; for the whole year.

If you are willing to assist Senzo complete his studies, please do contact us at or call (+27) 13 798 3596 / (+27) 71 549 6223

Your help with be much appreciated.

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