Violent husbands, and…

News from Frank and Ruthie:

Gogo S is a woman from Mozambique, whom we met in Jerusalem. She is on ARV’s and has a painful right hip. Apparently her husband used to beat her with a wooden stick. Thank the Lord he is no longer staying with her. We gave her a Bible, prayer and some food and she was very grateful.


We have visited L twice. She is on ARV’s but not recovering well. She has a similar story of a husband, who refuses to be checked for HIV or take ARV’s. Thus her health is at great risk. I encouraged her to pray that the Lord would change her husband. Apparently his family has tried to convince him but to no avail.


We also met L N in Jerusalem. She is a very pretty, young woman from Swaziland on ARV’s. She has a little girl about 8. They both speak English very well. Her little girl had a “I’d rather be in New York” shirt on! I told her that’s where we were from! She smiled and she and her friend accompanied us to the Venture to get food for her Mom. The girls hugged me and touched my hair and we took pictures. I’m concerned for the girl as her Mom is very thin and Hovy is worried about her. She insists she is fine but had a fever last time I saw her. Praying for her.

One thought on “Violent husbands, and…

  1. Thank you Ruthie and Frank for loving work you are doing from God to the people in South Africa. May you continue to be blessed
    Kay Kopp


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