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An Act of Kindness


Constance is a house-building assistant at the Project.  She herself had been a destitute child who had been rescued by the Project.

S. and her children were waiting for a new house to be built for them, when her youngest son had pneumonia and died after a short illness.  “S. is currently safe and she is living with our young and brave care worker and my team building team member Constance, who was once a child of Masoyi HBC herself, but has now grown stronger and wiser. She took it upon herself to take in S. and live with her at her house after S. lost her son.  They are living in a house which Constance and her children also benefited from the organisation some years ago after they lost their mother.”

Click here to read previous news of S. and her family.

Another destitute family can now benefit from the new house when it is completed.


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