A Happy Meeting

Sorry to hide her smiling face

Lorencia, one of the Patient Care team members, happened to see Q. emerging from a pile of corrigated iron after visiting a patient at Jerusalem.  She asked the driver to stop so that they could inquire more about the lady.

They found out that Q. seemed to suffering from depression, because of the things she was telling them:  quite a lot of things, including that her husband had left her for another woman. She believed that her husband was still coming back to live with her.  They had had a lot of children together.

Q. said that the shack she lived in was her home, and she did not want to be moved, but asked them for food.  Luckily the team had a few food parcels in their car, so they offered her one, which she was very happy to receive.  She was going to start preparing a meal right away.

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