We visited a 49 years old male client at Mthimba who is HIV and TB positive.  He was bedridden, not drinking his treatment because he was using traditional herbs and he was not recovering. We called an ambulance because he was weak at the time we arrived, and he went to the hospital.  They took a lumber puncture on his spinal cord, and after that he was unable to walk as he was paralyzed.  He had a wound developing on his spinal cord.


On our second visit, we found that he was lying outside for fresh air.  We observed the wound again and found that it was healing.  He was happy for our advice.

We advised his mother to clean the wound with warm, clean water and salt, to reduce infection, and to visit the nearest clinic.  We also gave nappies and linen savers.  We advised his family to help him to practice passive exercises, teaching them how to change his position.  We prayed for our patient.

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