Food Parcels and Rain

“The M. family consisting of twin brothers, 18-year old  La. and Si., who  live in a two-room shack which they shared with their mother before she passed on.  To begin with, the boys showed a high interest in their school work, but recently, they have developed a tendency of bunking school. I asked Selinah, our OVC coordinator, to have a word with the two boys about the importance of school, especially now that they are orphaned. Unfortunately, the two brothers failed their final examinations for 2016.

After the recent rains that resulted in flooding of their shack, I managed to send someone  to fix the leaking roof. The food parcel has been a great source of fighting poverty in the boys’ lives, and it also helps them from involving themselves in criminal activities that could have landed either of the brothers into trouble just because of an empty stomach.”

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