Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (1)

“On our first day in Mahushu, we met two women, both of whom had no food in their homes. We promised food the following week, as we had not yet purchased any. It has since been given, as well as a Bibles. They are both on ARV’s[Anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/Aids]. D. has four children. Her husband passed away. She receives government grants for the two younger children still in school. This amounts to R760 a month, almost $60 [£50], which is almost impossible to survive on, especially with two teenage children. As we have stated in the past, one must take the ARV’s with food in order for them to be effective.

“We also met Si. She is on ARV’s and had defaulted, but is now back on her medication. She had a very strange and ugly, itchy growth on her chest. As the local clinic was no help, we sent her with a note and transport money to see Jenny at ASM [Africa School of Missions]. Her brother, Sik., will accompany her and see Jenny. He has throat cancer. We also left food at this house. They were all very appreciative. We pray for each patient and make sure they know Jesus. When I paid their bill at ASM I found out that they sent Sik. to the hospital”

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