Who to Re-house?

“We have two families that we need to build houses for.  The Mny. family of the two siblings, Pr., and her little brother Si.; and  Do., who lives on his own in a house that was lent to him by the government’s disaster management team.  The Mny.’s were identified by the Project after the passing of their mother.

2. Mnyambo family
Mny. family

The two were supposed to benefit from the next new house, but after sitting down with Jabu to discuss and compare the two families, it was decided that we should build for Do. Mas.

“Do. lost his mother at a very young age and was raised by his gogo (grandmother).  His father was imprisoned when Do. was also still young, and he doesn’t know him at all.  He was his mother’s only child and lived in the shack that his late grandmother left for him [until it collapsed from termite damage].  1. Old houseThe Government are now threatening to take back his house without giving him an alternative place to stay.  Do. is 18 years old and he is currently doing grade 7 at Masoyi Primary School, where according to his teachers, he is a very bright young man. Some of his teachers were helping him with basic needs such as clothing, school uniform and food before the Project intervened.

“Mny. siblings still have their grandmother who takes care of them and takes them in to sleep with her because she doesn’t live far from their house.  We hope to build for them later.”

Masoyi Trust (UK) has been able to put aside donations for a new house build.  We are still short of the total needed, but plan to send what we have within the next few weeks.

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