June Report: The Mph. Family

Van. collecting the family food parcel

“The Mph. family consists of six family members. Zam. is 11 months old; Sam., three years old; Jun., four years old; Dim., eight years old; Zan., 19 years old; and Vig., 27 years old. The family currently live in their neighbours’ house which is lent to them because it was unoccupied. Their parents both passed away in 2002 and left them with no family home. Their aunt  bought them a plot with Zan.’s social grant to help them build a house.

“They have not been able to finish the one room house because Zandile’s social grant is finished  because she is now too old to receive it. No one is working in the family and they are surviving on the social grants which three of the four children receive, used to buy food and  supply other basic needs. We gave the family a food parcel for them to have enough food to eat as the social grant is inadequate for their needs.”

The four younger ones are the children of Zan. and Vig. “As the next building priority, the family have been identified to proper finish the one room they built, but also to build them one extra room and a kitchen.”

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