A Prayer: Covid-19 in Masoyi

“Heavenly Father, the numbers getting Covid-19, and the numbers dying, are rising significantly in the Masoyi community. Thank You that all the volunteers have been kept safe until now; many are at high risk because of visiting in the community.  May you continue to give both protection and courage to each of them”

A Prayer: Provision for Children

“I pray for the most needy children in Masoyi: that basic food parcels for the most destitute can be provided; for the provision of blankets and school uniforms for those in need; and that I.D. [identity documents] can be obtained where they are missing.” Approx.£20pm will buy survival rations for a family of four. I.D.Continue reading “A Prayer: Provision for Children”

A Prayer: Housebuilding and Security

“Please guide eMasoyi staff as they identify orphan and vulnerable children in houses in need of repair or security [door locks, window bars], or replacement.  You know how limited funds are for this work; please provide all that is needed in 2021, including enough money to complete the current new house build.” New house fundingContinue reading “A Prayer: Housebuilding and Security”

A Prayer: Unemployment

“Father, you know that unemployment in South Africa is high, particularly among young people; and much higher among the Masoyi community, which is largely devoid of industry and commerce.  And the Covid-19 crisis is adding to the numbers.  May those who are unemployed seek guidance and support from you – including through your church –Continue reading “A Prayer: Unemployment”