A Prayer: Unemployment

“Father, you know that unemployment in South Africa is high, particularly among young people; and much higher among the Masoyi community, which is largely devoid of industry and commerce.  And the Covid-19 crisis is adding to the numbers.  May those who are unemployed seek guidance and support from you – including through your church – and may there be many work opportunities created in the months and years ahead.”

A Prater: Peer Educators

“Heavenly Father, the 300+ peer educators selected last January have had almost no training or experience since then as a consequence of Covid-19.  May they still provide positive role models for community change to their peers; and for those continuing into 2021, please bless them with the grace to be changed for good as they try to influence other youngsters through the programme.”

A Prayer: Peer Education

“Heavenly Father, thank you for the peer education programme in the schools in Masoyi, designed to empower youngsters to become positive role models and agents of community change, and with focus on sex education and HIV/ AIDS awareness, and self-worth and self-confidence. Please bless those who have just graduated from the three-year programme, and encourage those continuing into 2021 in the challenging circumstances of Covid-19.”

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