We are blessed so we can be a blessing to others


On their first full day on the ground, the South Africa team from the Cove Church spent their day visiting some of the orphan families they have been supporting from the previous years.

It was such an amazing experience as they were always going out there to the community visiting the orphans and making sure that their needs are being taken care of, and also making sure that they visit all the new houses that they in partnership with Masoyi Home Based Care have built for so many of the orphans children from the Masoyi community.

It was so amazing to see the whole Cove team working together with the Masoyi Home Based Care team and putting so much effort on making sure that they always reach out to the children each and every day, and brave the hot African sun and cold days to go out there do exactly what they came here in South Africa for.

Their main task was of course to put a good finishing for those houses that have been built recently by making sure that they paint them and make them look good as they are. As they were painting the home of Clarence and Themba who are two young orphans living on their own, such an act from the Cove team on the Clarence and Themba home has motivated Clarence to want to go and assist the Cove team on painting some of the homes they were painting. They also did such a wonderful job during their stay here with us as they also did able to paint some part of the Masoyi Home Based care hall that we use for community meetings and morning devotions.

The Cove team working with the Calvary team (Another church from the US) had also had a good time with children from Masoyi Home Based Care and those of High Point Worship House International at the High Point Church were over 200 children did attended and fed physically and spiritually. Lunch was served on the day, Games were played, Crafts were made, and a Bible story on the life of Jesus and the Fruits of the Spirits was taught. Fun was had by all young and old.

We are also so very thankful for the shed that the Cove team has helped built at the Masoyi Home Based Care premises near the gate for our security staff.

On their last week of their stay here with us the Cove team had a workshop with the children were they played, laughed, ate, sang, and two life skills lessons were taught by two older orphans. Small group discussions were held among the orphans as they shared their daily struggles and how they can work together to overcome them. It was all about building relationships and empowering these orphaned children with the resources they need to become the young men and women of God He created them to be.

As they go back to the US on this week, we pray that they have a safe journey and that God will bless them, and also bless everyone at the Cove Church who made it all possible for them to come here in South Africa, on the Masoyi community in particular, to bless us, the children, and share their love with all of the Masoyi community.

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