This week we say our farwells to another team from the US


The Calvary Church team have once more on this year come and bless us here at Masoyi Home Based Care.

When it comes to the Home Based Care programme that is under the Masoyi Home Based Care project, there is a lot that we do, in fact, there is a lot that we have been doing for the past 17 years as we are doing the following:

  •       Home visits, cleaning and bathing
  •       Administering medication
  •       Home visit and DOT support to patients on TB treatment
  •       HCT during home visits and at Masoyi offices
  •       TB screening
  •       Awareness campaigns on HIV
  •       Adherence Support Groups
  •       Distribution of Female/ Male condoms
  •       MMC Awareness during home visit

And the Calvary Church teams that are always visiting us here has always made sure that they go to the community to visit those patients that Masoyi Home Based Care is looking after, as they always go deep of the rural area of Masoyi and provide their support to the patient, physical and spiritual support (Where they will at some point pray for the patients and encourage them with the word of God) support.

However, on this year as they always do like the previous years, they also pay their attention to the orphans and vulnerable children as they also made home visits, visiting those children from the destitute families and around the Masoyi area.

During their home visit to some of the orphans they have visited they have seen a need of making food gardens, food gardens that will help in terms of their food sustainability. On their last week here at Masoyi, the Calvary team had erected a fence to make a food gardens were they have planted vegetables for the children, that food garden will be a garden that belongs to two of the families on the Mahushu area. The team has also distributed food parcels and furniture to the families that were in desperate need of such.

Calvary team had also had a good time with children from Masoyi Home Based Care and those of High Point Worship House International at the High Point Church were over 200 children did attended and fed physically and spiritually. Lunch was served on the day, Games were played, Crafts were made, and a Bible story on the life of Jesus and the Fruits of the Spirits was taught. Fun was had by all young and old.


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