Safety for our K3 Computer school

Computer Safety for our K3 Computer School

We know we ask for a lot as all charities do, but we depend so much on your support. We are in the process of putting Doors and Windows butlers on one of our House at the K3 center were youth people are being skilled / trained on;

-Carpentry, and

Some of you might have been already heard about the challenge we had around late April this year, were 8 of our Computers that we use for the computer school got stolen. We have now found a better storage for our new computers, but on the very same premises of the K3 center.

Anyone who might want to lend a hand or donate so that our place that benefit the whole community of Masoyi, Youth (18 – 35 years old) people in particular, is safe. By helping donating with anything at all, that will make it possible to put those butlers in place on those Windows and doors , so that when we move in our new computers soon, they can be safe.

You may always contact us on: +27 (0) 13 798 3596 / +27 (0) 71 549 6223, or email us at:

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