Extract from Frank & Ruthie’s News

We visited another stroke victim in Jerusalem named Thomas. This man lived alone and could slowly shuffle along. He could speak but found it quite difficult to find words. We spent a long time with him, as the nurses were so incredibly patient listening to him. When they discovered how far he had to walk down a mountain to get water, they went into his small house and got his water containers. We got in the car and drove to K3. It was a very hot day, as just about every day has been here since November. There is a bore hole there that is working efficiently thanks to Ed Kulbacko. They proceeded to rinse the buckets with a soapy cloth and then picked up dirt (sand) and scrubbed the buckets thoroughly inside and out (all this with the sun beating down on them and temps near 100+). They then rinsed the buckets and filled them with water. We drove back to the bottom of the small mountain and they put the buckets on their heads and carried them up to his home.

Water delivery, 2016

I was so very impressed with the love they showed. These ladies do this sort of thing every day while Frank and I are only here for 3 months. They receive little, if any, compensation and they too have families to support. May God bless them richly.

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