More news from Frank and Ruthie Wey

I bought mats from Trifina. She is trying to make a living and the nurses with me loved her work, so they each got a mat and Trifina earned some money. I also bought a unique work of plastic art from another Gogo, who is trying to make a living making useful products from scraps of plastic.

 Makeshift loom, 2016

We just have no idea how blessed we are and how easy our lives are compared to these precious people. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Since we arrived, I have been privileged to pray for a deaf girl, and grandma with a broken leg, a child who had demonic visions every night, a seriously depressed woman and many other people with AIDS, TB, cancer and other ailments. The Lord helped me to lead 2 people to Him. This is the greatest blessing.

We have also been able to buy 200 Holy Bibles, provide cash for transportation to clinics and hospitals, provide funds for orphan support groups and food for the sick and elderly as well as tools for a worker at K2 who had his stolen. This was only possible because of your generosity. We are able to bless people because you have been a blessing. Thank you so much.

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