Abandoned as a baby

From Frank and Ruthie Wey (now back in the US):

X. is 18 years old with a one year old and a 2 month old. She is HIV+ and so are her children.  Patricia [nurse]was very concerned as she was not taking her ARV’s properly and not administering them well to her children.  She also felt her juju environment was abusive. My initial reaction was why does she have 2 children and why is she not caring for them. Then I heard the rest of the story. Her mother abandoned her when she was 3 months old. She left her at this house where she is still residing. Although the people have allowed her to stay, they apparently treat her very poorly, calling her names,etc.  They are now building her a tiny, tin shack  away from their house.  X. was raped and that’s how she contracted the virus. Her situation is awful and none of it is her fault. She appears very sad and angry, yet passive hardly speaking to us.

2106 (12c) Young mum

Ena [house building] sent her helper, Constance, a young girl with a similar background. I have written about her previously. Ena has taken her under her wing and Constance is an amazing young woman of God with a compassionate heart. She is now visiting X. and trying to teach her about the Bible and befriend her. X. has never felt loved by anyone. Ena is hopefully going to build X. a proper home of her own far from this family. However, her supporter for homes announced to her that they are ending that project. We are praying some money will come in for Xobile.

[Please pray for this family, that the right help may be given.]

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