Rape, Identity documents, Medication

From Frank and Ruthie Wey:

Yesterday, Bethuel in Legogote told us about an eight-year old who stayed with her granny right down the road from the clinic. She was raped by an HIV+ man. So very horrible!  Bethuel and some others were going to the police station to protest the abuse of children. Thank God the man has been arrested.  This is a far too common occurrence here.

L. is a woman with one child expecting her 2nd. She is from Maputo, Mozambique, so has no ID. Without one she can get no child grants for her children. Her husband has 2 children. His first wife passed away. Louise was telling us of the extravagant cost to go to Mozambique and try to get her birth certificate when one of the practicals simply suggested she marry her “husband”. This would be free and her children would get an ID.  L. did accept Jesus and was happy to get a Bible and some food.

Weys 2016 (14) Medicine delivery2

M. N. is also in Mahushu. She is an elderly woman living alone. She has defaulted on her ARV’s and has sores all over body.  Her son passed away 4 mos. ago after defaulting. M.also has TB. We took her to the clinic and waited a couple hours while she was given injections and medications. We then took her back home. Cynthia explained her medications to her and to a kind neighbor and we left food.

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