Peer Education

We are funding a peer education programme in four of the secondary schools in Masoyi, and have had a report on some of the May activities.  This is part of that report:

One of the sessions conducted this month, we have conducted self-development big YES and big NO where our peer educators develop their self -confidence, dreams, values, mission and their strength.

YES and NO helps you to decide good choices and develop self-development in your life. We use big YES whenever we making positive choices about life like attitudes, dreams, values, morals and passions. Basically, what makes you come alive? We use big NO whenever we making negative choices in life like obstacles, pressure, stress, bad attitude and low self- esteem. Anything that takes you away from the things that you enjoy or the person you want to be.

Saying NO doesn’t mean you are weak but it shows that you have the strength and ability of knowing what you want in life. Also improve your self-esteem, shows that you cannot be pressurized by your friend in taking bad decisions, show that you are independent.

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