More sickness

More from Frank & Ruthie’s final newsletter:

We visited a very sick baby girl. Her granny was caring for her, as her mother was working part time. The granny was suicidal and sick on ARV’s. The baby was HIV+ as well as having TB. We drove them to the clinic and the baby was taken immediately to Themba Hospital. We have since visited but not seen the baby again. We were told the baby was once again at Themba.

P. was a very pretty young lady who has MDR [multiple drug-resistant] TB. She was released from a TB hospital recently. She was very depressed. I tried to encourage her with Unathi’s story. She too had MDR TB and thought she would die. Today she is well and has two children. We prayed for her, gave her scriptures and a Bible.

This last week is always difficult. We feel so weak and sad and tired. God is definitely strong when we are weak. On Monday we saw two brothers in Manzini come to the Lord.  J. was very excited to hear about Jesus. He had had one leg amputated due to diabetes and just wanted to know where his leg was!!!  He was a very pleasant man. His brother listened intently and decided that he too wanted to give his heart to Jesus.

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