Frank and Ruthie Wey Report (4)

Worth the read – what an amazing story!

(Frank writing) “One day we met a 26 year old guy named S. at the Mthimba clinic. He asked us to visit his house because his granny was in trouble. When we arrived at his house his uncle and aunt were sitting in the yard. S. went into the house and picked up his granny and carried her outside with considerable effort. She was much bigger than he.

During the ensuing conversation Ruthie and I learned from a care worker interpreting for us that the boy loved his granny more than anything else in life. She had raised him from a young age. His granny had suffered a stroke a while back and her right side was paralyzed. She had the telltale green and white cords on her wrists and ankles put there by a false prophet. She paid 500 rand [£30] to this “prophet” which is half her monthly pension. We told her she needed to remove them so we could pray for her and bring Jesus into the picture.

S. showed the nurses the scars on his granny back from being beaten with a shambok  (whip) by his uncle. He then brought out 3 soda bottles filled with a liquid that the uncle and aunt had paid a sangoma (witch doctor) 300 rand [£18] for. It is called muthi and often these concoctions end up killing people. The nurses had the granny give them back 300 rand and then asked S. to dump the bottles. While all of this was going on I noticed that the aunt had a sangoma bracelet on her wrist. I mentioned it to the care worker and she told the aunt to get rid of it. This caused quite an argument. The aunt got very angry. I could see the evil in her eyes and she shouted at our team and at S.

This went on for about 30 minutes. Suddenly I felt the Holy Spirit rise up in me and I sternly stated to both the uncle and aunt that if they harmed or stole from granny any more that the Lord would strike them blind. I knew these words were from God because I would never say such a thing. Immediately after this I prayed for the granny and S. When I finished, the team told me that the uncle wanted me to pray for him.

Now I had just put the fear of God into the guy and I was still feeling anger. Then something extraordinary happened. As I laid my hand on him to pray, I felt the love of God overwhelm me and I prayed for mercy for the man. It was also the Lord’s prayer put into my mouth. I gave the granny 300 rand to replace what she had paid the uncle. The rest of the team started to leave. Suddenly the aunt walked out of the kitchen and she handed me the sangoma bracelet that she had cut from her wrist. I looked in her eyes and all the evil was gone. She looked at me and tears started running down her face. I hugged her and told her to ask Jesus into her heart so He could help her and that she could always trust in him. She nodded and I walked away amazed at what the Lord had done.”

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