Mental challenges, physical challenges

More news from Frank and Ruthie’s recent visit to Masoyi:

P. is a patient we apparently saw last year. He is on ARV’s [anti-retroviral medicine] and was recently in a car accident. He is on crutches and has pins in his leg. He has 2 daughters and no wife. His one daughter is mentally challenged and they are in the process of getting her into a school for the handicapped. His second daughter, 14, was at school. She has an almost 2 year old child being cared for by her handicapped sister.  Sad to see children having children.  We also left food and prayer.

L. is an elderly patient of Hovy’s in Jerusalem or what we refer to as “Hovyland”. She was run over by a truck in 1979 and was in traction for 6 mos. She recently fell and re-injured the same leg. She is in a wheelchair and it is extremely difficult for her to get to the toilet – an outhouse, which is what all in Masoyi have. Frank decided to look into finding a commode. We did and purchased it.

It was quite a site to see Frank, Hovy, Patricia and Suzile putting it together!  It took all of them! L. was thrilled and when she is through needing it, MHBC [Masoyi Home Based Care Project] will pass it on to another patient!

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