Visiting the sick

More from Frank & Ruthie’s April newsletter:

R. is another patient of Hovy’s who lives alone in a shack. He is a very gentle man, who loves the Lord. He was working and building himself a house before he got sick with TB.  I prayed for him, gave him a Bible and food. I try to leave scriptures with patients also.

M. is another TB victim who has 4 children but lost his job when he got sick.  He need transport money to return to Themba Hospital for treatment. We helped him with this and left him food and a Bible.

D. is a sweet, happy young lady who lost her hearing from MDR TB treatment, which I’ve heard can be a side effect. She was told her hearing will return when she is finished treatment. She stays with her brother. We left them food and prayer.

N. is a mom we met last year. She has an adorable 4 yr. old who was sick.  I drove her to the ASM clinic. They checked him and felt it was not serious and gave her some medications. We then drove her home to Jerusalem.

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