A Prayer: Frank & Ruthie Wey’s Visit

As Frank and Ruthie prepare to visit Masoyi for three months in February, will you please prepare them; provide the resources they will need; and prepare the hearts of all the people You will bring them to, so that they will be open to hearing the gospel and being saved, healed and delivered from theContinue reading “A Prayer: Frank & Ruthie Wey’s Visit”

Mental challenges, physical challenges

More news from Frank and Ruthie’s recent visit to Masoyi: P. is a patient we apparently saw last year. He is on ARV’s [anti-retroviral medicine] and was recently in a car accident. He is on crutches and has pins in his leg. He has 2 daughters and no wife. His one daughter is mentally challengedContinue reading “Mental challenges, physical challenges”

Extract from Frank & Ruthie’s News

We visited another stroke victim in Jerusalem named Thomas. This man lived alone and could slowly shuffle along. He could speak but found it quite difficult to find words. We spent a long time with him, as the nurses were so incredibly patient listening to him. When they discovered how far he had to walkContinue reading “Extract from Frank & Ruthie’s News”

We are blessed so we can be a blessing to others

On their first full day on the ground, the South Africa team from the Cove Church spent their day visiting some of the orphan families they have been supporting from the previous years. It was such an amazing experience as they were always going out there to the community visiting the orphans and making sureContinue reading “We are blessed so we can be a blessing to others”